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    Re: PPO unofficial Awards

    this topic makes me laugh
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: PPO unofficial Awards

    1.Most beautiful girl - Viking Queen
    2. the Webmaster has spoken.
    3.The most underated member - Garland Greene
    4.The look at me award!! - bono
    5.Tiny penus award - el vikingo
    6.I wanna married singer´s daugther award - BLV
    7.The most Childress hater award - C Mac D
    8.the randiest one
    award - Cajun
    9.the whinniest award - Kevincox
    10.Funniest member - BBQ
    11.Best European member - Anglo
    12.Best knowledge about football - Del Rio
    13. PPO Mascot/Hero...
    14. Best mod - Ultra
    15, Member that you miss that is never around anymore - Del Rio

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    Re: PPO unofficial Awards

    "El" wrote:

    This are the 12 categories ,BLV and myself will take care about the vots ,the poll will end when the season starts ,first week of August ,vote whatever you like....,resulst wiill be shown at 10 August by singer´s son in law

    BW ,Skol Vikes!!!!!!!!
    So are you saying we will have a wedding to go to before August 10th?

    The dad's are always the last to know, but that explains the diamonds shes wearing & the dozen roses he sent to the house a couple of weeks ago after another one of their weekends.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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