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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    Thanks for all you do in making this site great Webby.
    It's like home.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    Sweet, nice place.
    I like the purple shag rug.
    Thanks for everything Webster.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    "cogitans" wrote:
    You win.

    I think I might never go outside again. All I need is right here. Can the site feed me too then I'm set?
    That and we also need a toilet and a beer dispenser and we're all set.
    Hop to it!

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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    "Bono is now a woman."


    Anyways, I like the posting/browsing speed. Only complaint I had in the past.

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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    Thanks Webby for all the Love you put in to this site. It really is the best place for us in the Purple Nation to banter with one another. It is a home for all things Viking and I just can't thank you enough. All the best to you sir.

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    Re: PP.O Updates, Read 'Em!

    "Webby" wrote:
    Well, where to start?

    Rebuilt the supporting infrastructure from the company that was supposed to manage making this faster back into my grasp.
    First and foremost.
    Could not take it anymore.

    So to the fixes:
    -Profiles can be viewed always
    -posting and replying is now sped up again
    -server doesn't time out
    -search is fast and thorough
    -profile comments fixed
    -Bono is now a woman

    -Ignore feature is back
    -put YouTube right in your posts:
    click the You tube button when posting
    -search options now faster
    -calendar now shows b-days and Vikings events
    -arcade is back, games to reappear soon for some contests
    -image gallery is back; contest for best submissions to the gallery to include 4 tickets to a preseason game
    -store is online.

    When Jason gets done with the mascot, etc, stuff will be in there
    you can now tag your posts with keywords, etc.

    Very cool when lots of folks use it to see popular things talked about.
    Validate that Moss, Culpepper, Jackson, and poop are the top 4 keywords, and I still think interrelated.
    -system speed is upgraded under load
    -live chat has returned with a flash version
    -a whole bunch more small changes, you find em.
    Win a piece of cheese!
    -a mobile version that works on cell phones like Treo and Blackberry
    -new NFL team avatars
    -new users get automatic welcome in the Free Beer so we can say howdy
    -Zeus now can slam two beers at once via adapted shotgunning method learned from the Webby.

    Coming Soon
    -lightweight version of live Chat in AJAX
    -Fantasy football upgraded and live
    -football pool upgraded and live
    -dedicated help desk
    -MVC Survivor 2007, hosted by AlabamaViking
    -Twin Cities Visitor Guide:
    all your info for sleeping, eating, drinking and cheering
    -Expanded video section and wallpapers
    -bunch more stuff to prepare for the new season
    -a new and improved Woo, stuffed full of Prozac

    Already Here, Did You Know?
    -blogging for members:
    check under Just For You.
    Best blog each month wins Vikings Jersey
    -Submit news to us:
    know of an event or other cool Vikings news?
    Submit news under Just For You.
    -Suggest Link:
    tell us about your favorite sport and non-sports sites.
    We want to build one big ass Viking Ship of links.

    Under Just For You.

    So, it was a busy weekend.

    Look soon for announcements regarding volunteer positions we have created, some new mod openings, etc.

    I appreciate your help and your patience while we make this continue to be the BEST VIKINGS FANSITE on the WEB.


    WOW! Unbelieveable! Thanks webby and mrs. webby.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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