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    Re: PP.O Characters from the Past

    Okay, apparently I didn't do enough to make myself famous on ppo, which has been my lifetime goal, cause I was gone for a while. Or maybe I wasn't liked, well f-u-2. I hate you all and what else.... ummm I dunno man, I am soooooooo bored with this freakin offseason. Del was cool, not super duper cool, but cool. I miss snowinapril and 6kings. Good point with the new members singersp. Umm the first part was kinda a joke, kinda real, you gotta kinda get me to kinda get it. Ummmm this is like a super rant so what else, I went to Virgin mobile fest, that was freakin sweet. That story about knocking out a bears fan and breaking his jaw was only half true, I got in a fight with one but didn't get arrested or break his jaw. I wanted to be like the cool kids so I hyped it up. I can still tackle anybody in the world-including del for $700 -where u at esse?- Umm -peace!
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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    Re: PP.O Characters from the Past

    "cajunvike" wrote:

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    Re: PP.O Characters from the Past

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    A dose of reality.

    Shouldn't current members from the present be of more importance than members from the past?

    We have a great family of members here today & yet people still pine for members from the past.

    Cherish your memories of past members, but also be grateful for the members we have today.

    This, but you still have to remember who got you here.

    Del for sure can come back. Whatever happened to him anyways?
    We're bringing purple back.

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