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    The Pope likes 2Pac

    Tupac Shakur song selected for Vatican's online playlist
    By Jo Piazza, Special to CNN
    December 4, 2009 12:52 p.m. EST

    (CNN) -- Music from late rapper Tupac Shakur has been included as part of the Vatican's official MySpace Music playlist.

    The seat of the Catholic Church released a list of 12 songs onto the social networking Web site's streaming music service this week when the site launched in the United Kingdom.

    Among selections from Mozart, Muse and Dame Shirley Bassey is the slain rapper's song "Changes," which was released two years after his shooting death on a greatest hits album in 1998.

    "The genres are very different from each other, but all these artists share the aim to reach the heart of good minded people," the Vatican wrote on its official MySpace Music page.

    As of Thursday night, "Changes" had been played more than 4.6 million times on the Web site.

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    Re:The Pope likes 2Pac

    I have never met a person who didn't like Changes. That song's got it all. At least the pope has some taste.
    "There are 3 things that sell in America:
    Violence, sex, and drugs.
    The only way you are going to make this game more appealing to the public than it was before is if there are on field orgies at halftime and the domes become massive opium dens."

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    Re:The Pope likes 2Pac

    Tupac lives.
    We're bringing purple back.

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