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    Pole position: RI strip club to host job fair

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Here's a job opportunity you won't need to buy a new wardrobe for. Hoping to take advantage of Rhode Island's floundering economy, owners of the Foxy Lady strip club in Providence plan to hold a job fair on Saturday.

    They say they're looking to fill around 30 positions, from strippers and waitresses to disc jockeys and bartenders, at that club and two others in Massachusetts. "I need more managers, I need more competent staff, and I need more attractive waitresses to go along with the ones I have right now," said co-owner Tom Tsoumas.

    The naked truth is that Rhode Island's economy is among the worst in the nation, with an unemployment rate of 10.3 percent in January..........;_ylt=Ak7dnoPnRFBIC55PPPF66 oQsQE4F

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    Re: Pole position: RI strip club to host job fair

    Foxy Lady...sounds like I might like that place. I hope McKinnie stays away from the strippers (and the poles).
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    Re: Pole position: RI strip club to host job fair

    I heard that they are recruiting Shiancoe.
    Under the alias of "The Black Horn"

    They have some competition with a company called Black Ice.

    "From what we’ve seen, there is definitely a career for Visanthe in the adult industry, if he’d like one,” said Black Ice general manager Tony Santoro. “We would welcome an opportunity to align ourselves with a world-class athlete of Viante’s stature. Whether or not Visanthe will be interested in our offer - or if the league will intervene - remains to be seen," said Santoro. "It’s worth a shot, as this would definitely be something that the fans will want to see."
    "There are 3 things that sell in America:
    Violence, sex, and drugs.
    The only way you are going to make this game more appealing to the public than it was before is if there are on field orgies at halftime and the domes become massive opium dens."

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