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    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    "singersp" wrote:
    Ebay has several new copies of Photoshop 3.0 for $30, but there is no manual. I assume the manual is in the "help" of the software pkg. I currently watching other auctions that are even less than that.
    Be careful you are not buying bootlegged copies.

    Plus, you probably will not get much out the manuals. You will learn more online.

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    "singersp" wrote:
    Thanx Ultra & 6-Kings. I was at Best-Buy today. Elements was $99 & another Photoshop software pkg was $149. I thought I'd check out eBay for Photoshop software & that' when I ran into so many versions & high-end grades of it.
    6-Kings, You may want to check with your work on your Photoshop software. You may already be licensed to use & maintain a copy of the same Photoshop that's loaded on your PC at work on your home PC. That's the way Microsoft Office works at least at my office, provided I sometimes use the software for business purposes.
    Well I am a Mac man at work.
    Our entire 175 person network is Mac.

    My PC at home is 7 years old.
    But I manage to keep it afloat.

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    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    "singersp" wrote:
    I thinking about purchasing Photoshop software to make my own sigs & other stuff. What version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements do you sig makers use now & what would be an adequate choice? I currently have Paint Shop Pro 4.15 SE on my comuter now. How does that rate against Photoshop?

    I still may require the services of P.P.O.s elite group of expert sig makers to make me one in mean time.

    Also, I looking to get a jpg file of the P.P.O logo large enough to make a T-shirt iron-on. I also want to make a window decal from the same logo to proudly display on my car to show that I'm a member. Does anyone have one the could PM or e-mail me?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a large version.

    Photoshop is the way to go; I am not sure on Elements for making sigs. I only use that for organizing my photo collection and making quick fixes...maybe someone else can speak to it. But otherwise, Elements rocks for simple things.

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    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    sweet avatar webby!

    Go vikes!!

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    I am just barely reading this man, but I have a brand new elements CD and manual. It's yours if you want it. They had a graphics convention here at work and they hand software out.

    I also have photoshop 5, as well as photoshop 7. I enjoy the newer Adobe Bridge that comes with the newer Photoshops. For making sigs, you are welcome to have my elements (never been used) or PM me for Photoshop 5, 7, or CS2

    There are other programs out there that would be even better for sig making. Photoshop likes to think it is the top dog but there are others out there that do what they do that much better. What makes photoshop nice is it's compatibility with almost everything couple that with the ease of .gifs and video files you have a pretty well rounded program that takes a while to learn.

    Other programs incorporate the use of layers and are much more versatile in what they can do. I doubt you could justify the cost though for making sigs.

    The PPO logo I have the original on my HD I think Webby was saying he had it though. I drew it by hand, bouncing off Webby for his opinion. I colored it in photoshop, but I have been working on a better image on one of our high end graphic programs at work, it's looking damn good. I figure I will send the disk to webby and he can use those images for merchandise if he wants.

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    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?


    I never new you had so much knowledge on this stuff...

    Hook me up buddy...

    I would need something that a newbie could have fun learning on their own..

    I'm still just an old concrete guy...

    But like to try to learn things on my own.....
    I've always wanted to play with pictures and such...

    Is there something you recomend for me out there?..

    Thanks, Ned


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    I'll hook you up Ned.

    I would suggest photoshop. It can be scary at first, but once you mess around with it and get a feel for how it works it is a good program to use.

    I'll hook you up Ned PM me so I remember. I would suggest CS2 only because I have a CD some guy gave me at one of our meetings a while back that he made. The CD takes you through like 10 projects in photoshop and you work with it step by step. It's pretty nice.

    I do it for a living Ned, I'm a graphics designer. We don't use photoshop all the time, but it's not uncommon.

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    Re: Which Photoshop should I buy?

    I use Paint Shop Pro 9. It will do everything you need for sigs and small animations etc. It is also way cheaper than Photoshop. You can find it on line for about 60 bucks. I made my sig with it . :smile: The latest version in PSP10 for about 130 bucks.


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