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    The Perfect Thing For Chilly For Opening Holes In The Line

    [size=14pt]For the guy who has everything ... rent a tank[/size]

    Waseca County family wants to put you behind the wheel of a heavily armored vehicle

    In a county filled with heavy farm equipment, how does one blow away their neighbors with the heft of their ride? Or impress a dinner date, perhaps?

    Answer: Buy a tank with a 105 mm barrel.

    Or to be more specific, a British FV433 Abbot "self-propelled gun," complete with armor, treads and a defunct gun.

    The Borglum family, of Waseca County, Minn., hopes to get into the tank-driving business - starting with an obstacle course for the curious - where bored city slickers and country folk can tear up and down hills and (hopefully) between trees.

    They've already imported four British-built vehicles to play with: the Abbot and three armored personnel carriers, including a wheeled Ferret, a Saladin and a FV432. And they've ordered three more.

    Thrill seekers, they say, could spin a few treads for the same price as a bungee jump - exactly how much, they're not certain, but hopefully in the neighborhood of $100...
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    Re: The Perfect Thing For Chilly For Opening Holes In The Line

    It doesn't say you can blow anything up, but it stil would be fun to drive one.

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    Re: The Perfect Thing For Chilly For Opening Holes In The Line

    I would go for that. I wonder if the guns on it still work.....blowing things up is one of my favorite hobbies.

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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