"Prophet" wrote:
I was at the Iowa State Fair a few years ago and ran across the big boars.
I asked the farmer what they do with these and he said once they get that big the only thing they can make with them is pepperoni.
So, think of this the next time you dive into a pepperoni pizza.

[img width=400 height=194]http://www.bsbrewing.com/blog/wp-content/fair-2006-big-boar.jpg[/img]
“The Big Pig,” this year topping the scales at a whopping 1800 lbs.

[img width=400 height=327]http://www.bsbrewing.com/blog/wp-content/fair-2006-second-biggest-boar.jpg[/img]
Each of his testicles is bigger than my head.
After the Coca Cola on the pork chop thread, nothing phazes me.

Now THAT was nasty!