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    Pantera fans.....

    All the metal heads that I work with are pissed off today because of the news about Dime...they turned me on to some of his stuff and I must agree that his death will be a great loss...kinda like how I felt when Randy Rhodes died!

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    Pantera fans.....

    Tragic, crap like this. Also my thoughts to those here that are suffering the loss as well! Thoughts and Prayers to all!

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    Pantera fans.....

    Hey GreenbaySlackers.......don't even sweat it dude. I understand. Sorry about your friends mom.

    I'll tell ya why they call him Dimebag. Believe it or not, Pantera used to be a glam band in the 80's.And being in a glam band, he had to have a glam name, so he was dubbed Diamond Darrell.

    Well glam was on the way out and they were changing their musical style to fit the times. The music got harder and Diamond just didn't fit anymore, so Dimebag Darrell he became.
    And yes they did smoke weed in the past, and that had something to do with.But the guy was an icon and idol to guitar players and metal fans every where.
    When he was 15 years old in Dallas Texas, he was outlawed from playing in band battles because he won every single contest he ever entered.

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    Pantera fans.....

    I was really shocked to hear this news. I grew up listening to Pantera, and less than 2 months ago I saw Dimebag play live in concert with his new band DamagePlan here in Dallas.

    It's pretty wierd here, everyone is meeting up at the strip club Clubhouse that Dimebag and Vinny Paul own and mourning the loss. Best strip club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I might add.

    Hope this never happens again, tragic loss that shouldn't of happened.

    R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell ... 1966-2004 -- One of the best guitarist to ever live!
    Go Vikings!

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