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    Pair in separate vehicles hit same deer

    WINONA, Minn. - A couple driving home separately from Wisconsin each hit the same deer earlier this week. Winona County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude said the deer jumped out of the ditch about 4 p.m. Wednesday on a road near Nodine and rammed the left side of Bill MacAskill's Acura.

    The animal caused about $3,000 worth of damage to the front and rear doors, MacAskill said. "The deer was moving pretty fast," he said.

    Following behind the Acura was MacAskill's wife, Jean, on a Honda motorcycle. She braked hard to avoid hitting the wounded deer and lost control.

    Bill MacAskill, 53, said he looked in his rearview mirror and saw his wife sliding on the highway, damaging the gas tank and some trim.

    Jean MacAskill, 52, suffered only minor injuries because she wears protective clothing while riding, her husband said. "The jacket did its job," he said.

    As for the deer, deputies were forced to shoot it.;_ylt=AiAT0JeMY.D_b..NKs9isgosQE4F

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    Re: Pair in separate vehicles hit same deer

    You beat me to it. I read this in Winona Daily Snews yesterday & was going to post it last night, but the site was down.

    Pretty weird event to have happened.

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