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    Pa. liquor board will teach workers to be bubbly

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania liquor store clerks need to be more bubbly when they're selling Champagne.

    The state's Liquor Control Board is spending more than $173,000 to try to make workers friendlier and more well-mannered at the nearly 650 stores it operates. The board says it wants to make sure clerks are saying "hello," "thank you" and "come again" to customers shopping for wine and spirits........

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    Re: Pa. liquor board will teach workers to be bubbly

    Maybe they should reconsider their stupid laws and their government monopolized workers will be happier. You can buy a 30 of beer in a pizza place in PA, but can't buy beer and liquor in the same store. 18% Liquor tax + their 6% sales tax is ridiculous.

    No wonder their fans are assholes.

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