"Prophet" wrote:
I really see no point in having a post count. The # of posts means nothing other than some people waste more time posting on a message board then others.

Now, I know it's a coincidence that I agree with Proph and I have almost 16k. But, if we did not have post totals I would still be where I am at, we just would not know.

Content is king. Haave a take and don't suck! There are some who are all just one sentence posters. Or, when you get one sometimes all the most recent posts are by one member and if you look at them you will notice that they are all very short posts of only a few words. I call that "Machine Gunning." That is where they want to get a ton of posts in so they read just a little bit of the initial post and then give some lame, non-content laden post.

You have all seen them. Sometimes a well placed smiley has way more content than those posts.