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    Outraged eBay sellers plot strike week

    Boycotts by irate sellers are nothing new for eBay - but organizers hope this time, they'll have critical mass

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    Re: Outraged eBay sellers plot strike week

    Well....maybe it's time some of the complainers took there OWN money and started a new site that Mimics Ebay. I think Ebay is ripe for some competition in the on line bidding wars. Maybe a new rival company would be a good thing. A lot of people I know use Craigs list to sell items, and have somewhat good success, and it's free. Maybe Ebay should think about the fact that we are on the edge of a Recession economically, and could go into a Depression sooner than later. Folks are going to need outlets to sell items and buy items on line, but might not be willing to fork out higher fees to do it.

    A new lower price/fees company might be able to compete with them by under-cutting these fees and higher add listing costs??

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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