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    Our season's over...who should we draft?

    I was busy looking on the mock drafts around the net and I was very dissatisfied with what was coming up. Several draft "gurus" believe that we will take WR Jackson from Cal. Now from what I have learned by going here (and the obviousness of it in the last draft) is that we don't draft wideouts in the first round. Some have us taking Booty from USC. I was wondering what everyone thinks?
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    Re: Our season's over...who should we draft?

    You will find the appropraite forum here in the Forum Index page.
    I know a lot of people just click on topics from the latest talk and select new topic.

    [size=12pt]FORUM INDEX[/size]

    [size=12pt]2008 Offseason/FA/Draft[/size]

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