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Thread: Online Degrees

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    Re: Online Degrees

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    If you want to get laid go to college.
    If you want an education go to the library.
    I think you should focus on what you can learn, not so much on what it will look like on a job resume. It may be harder to get in the door at a company but once your in you will likely be judged based on the work you do, not what school you went to.
    I do have a co-worker(who has 3 kids) that is earning a degree online(not sure which one, pheonix?), she seems to be getting a good education, and still working. I didn't think it was a good idea, thinking you couldn't learn as much, but I now think it could be better. She is constantly e-mail, instant messaging, teachers and students and works very closely with them. I think it probably does require a little more self motivation because it would be easier to cheat, I think.
    Getting laid was not a problem for me before college so that is not a problem.
    I hate libraries.
    I just think I could be doing better for myself by pursuing my degree online while working a full-time job as well to pay my bills and be more independent.
    Plus I wouldn't have to pay for these damn expensive meal plans and the dorm.
    Plus the price for attend is only going to go up.
    I could go online, continue in the summers, all while working a job.
    Be out in like 3 years with a BS in CJ or Business.
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    Re: Online Degrees

    My advice is to find a job that would pay for it.

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