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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    Congrats IS! Study hard and enjoy the process.

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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    "Braddock" wrote:
    I'm partial to love. So if what you guys have now is solid, albeit young, give it a shot. If it's kinda there, kinda not, then i say part ways, but if you really like her and everything is still real fun and all warm inside, then try to make it work.

    I'm not familiar with the area, so how long of a drive is that? and you'd only be back once a month? that's better than i had it with my g/f (well, now ex g/f)
    It's about a 3hr drive.

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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    Basically IS it's up to you and your girlfriend to decide whether or not you want the long distance thing to work. If you really care about each other and think that you can both put the effort in to make it work, then go for it. But you have to really want to do it, and if you decide to do it then you can't be constantly thinking whether or not it'll work. But in this case I think you both have to have the all or nothing mentality, if she doesn't want to do it but you do, it probably won't work, or vice versa. If things are meant to be between you two, it'll work out no matter how far away you are. But good luck, hope everything works out for you!

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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Ahhh! Today I found out that I'm accepted into the Pharmacy program at the University of Alberta! :grin: :grin: :grin: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: Friggin' awesome. There is like 900 applicants for 120 spots. Now I can actually have a stable career that's in demand! Now when I talk about steroids I'll actually be credible :grin:

    I'm kinda down, cuz my friend, who also applied, didn't get in and it'll be a big change since I've lived at home all my life. Not to mention, I'm not sure how things will work out long distance with my GF (since I'll only be back in Cowtown probably once a month). Not to mention I'll be living in Edmonton, which I'm obligated to hate :razz:

    Any advice people?
    congrats dude, its a great profession to pursue..hopefully the relationship still works pretty sure you already know how bad the eskimos not sure how old you are, or where ul be living (dorm, apartment, house) but ive found that its real easy to pickup awful eating habits when being away for school
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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    congratz and study hard

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    Re: One of the best days of my life

    Congrats Stallion!!

    As far as the long distance thing goes... its hard, Lance and I did it for a long time before I moved here. In the middle it actually caused us to break up for a while because it got to be too much. We were 7 hours apart though... 3 is much more doable, but with both of you going to school it will be hard to make the time. I suggest you both think long and hard about it before you make a decision.

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