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    Del Rio Guest

    Ok people.................

    I read this and now am angry/depressed so now you must all suffer with me. I have a son, makes me sad this happens.

    Put's life into perspective. Probably shouldn't get TOO depressed over a sports trade when BS like this happens.

    Couple Describes Fear During Infant's Birth
    Baby Given Carbon Dioxide Instead Of Oxygen

    HONOLULU -- The parents of a baby boy who was mistakenly given carbon dioxide instead of oxygen at Tripler Army Medical Center spoke out for the first time Wednesday.

    Islam PetersonKITV 4 News on Tuesday first reported about the medical mistake that left the boy brain damaged, and in a coma.

    The couple's lawyer said the saddest part about this case is that the newborn did not need any oxygen, because he was healthy and crying after his mother gave birth.

    Jan. 14 was supposed to be a special day for Army Sgt. Dwight and Shalay Peterson. That's when their son was born in a caesarian-section delivery at Tripler Army Medical Center. They'd tried to get pregnant for seven years and had done in-vitro fertilization for the last couple of years.

    A minute after his birth, something went wrong.

    "So, the whole time they're trying to bring him back to life, they're choking him, bringing him back to life, choking him, because they still think they're giving him oxygen," Shalay Peterson said.

    For 42 minutes the medical crew mistakenly gave the infant carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

    Dwight, Shayla Peterson"I watched him deteriorate from the screaming and crying, to OK it's a little less screaming, to the second time she pulled (the mask) off. Then she put it back on. You know, I watched him deteriorate until it was done, until he was finished. There was no more movement. There was no more crying. There was no more nothing," Dwight Peterson said.

    The medical crews thought the oxygen was going to run out so they went to change the tank and discovered their mistake, the couple said.

    "We believe that it's a miracle in itself that after 42 minutes of being suffocated, that he's still here,"

    But baby Islam, who they call "Izzy," is in a persistent vegetative state. The child is in the Tripler's Natal Intensive Care Unit with feeding and breathing tubes.

    "He cannot blink. He cannot swallow. He cannot cry," Shalay Peterson said.

    Dwight Peterson returned from duty in Afghanistan last fall. He said Tripler officials have been honest and apologetic.

    "We do appreciate them coming forward and telling us exactly what happened; for being honest. They were very honest. And yes, the care that he's received since then has been excellent," Dwight Peterson said.

    The couple said Tripler officials have told them they have changed procedures to avoid similar mistakes.

    Tripler Army Medical Center released a statement Tuesday saying, "We are very sorry this happened."

    The hospital offered its condolences to the Peterson family. Officials said they are investigating the incident and they have taken "immediate corrective action."

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    Ok people.................

    What a sad story - poor kid didn't have a chance. Now I know why I sign that form when I go to the hospital that says something to the effect that "Medicine isn't an exact science".
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    Del Rio Guest

    Ok people.................

    This stuff shouldn't happen period. This mistake should not have happened. Medicine isn't and exact science but not giving a new born carbon dioxide instead of air IS exact science. We don't have to go to medical school to learn that.

    If that was my kid lord knows what I would do. Probably stare at the wall for months, maybe go crazy and start playing the movie "Saw" out in real life.

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    Ok people.................

    well put.
    very sad.
    i could tell you a horror story about two universities, a kid with serious blood disorders/bad liver, and plain stupidity.

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    Ok people.................

    I feel for the parents...all their hopes and dreams...destroyed by gross negligence...all the money in the world can't fix it...they should allow the dad to be in a room with the person who made the wouldn't fix it but would definitely make sure that the person responsible would never make that mistake again...and allow the dad to at least get out some frustration and anger.

    TRULY SAD...thanks for spoiling my day, DR!
    Now I want to cancel my Whistler trip and fly to Hawaii and kick some a$$ for that family!

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    Ok people.................


    And "sorry" just doesn't cut it IMO.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Ok people.................

    I'm gonna go hug my daughter now.

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    Ok people.................

    Thats horrible. There really is no excuse for that happening. Sorry doesn't cut it at all. The employees at the hospital can put it behind them, but the parents can never forget.
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    Del Rio Guest

    Ok people.................

    42 minutes of bringing the kid back to life then unknowingly killing him again with carbon dioxide and now he has severe brain damage.

    Makes me sick.

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    Ok people.................

    I hate reading or hearing things related to children who were hurt, abused, or even killed. It really pains me, especially if I think (I try not too) about something happening to one of my boys. I am a pretty vengeful person and I do know what I would do. Sad, truly sad...

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