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Thread: Oil Storm

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    Oil Storm

    Well I can't believe I just spent 2 hours watching this FX show.

    What a joke.

    If you plan on watching this show........DON'T

    For a show that is suppose to reveal how fragile the US economy is, they failed.
    They didn't do their homework.

    I must say I got quite a few good laughs though.


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    Re: Oil Storm

    What was it about?

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    Re: Oil Storm

    aw man, It sucked so bad, but i watched it cause i thought they were gonna point out stuff that might be true! what a joke

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    Re: Oil Storm

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    What was it about?
    Well a hurricane hit the main oil drop off point in LA.
    And 10-15% of US oil supply is interrupted.
    And it went through the "possible" effects of what would happen to the US.

    By the end of the show there was nobody shipping goods, growing food or getting by. Most Gas stations had simply dissappeared.

    It had so many false premises about how the economy is structured.
    It never mentioned the dozens of safeguards that are in place to keep things going.

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