"ItalianStallion" wrote:
Definitely a fun game, but i'll be the first to admit the game is overhyped.
I enjoyed Bioshock more, plus there are probably better games for the 360 coming out soon (like Assasin's Creed, Mass Effect, etc.)

Still pissed GTA4 got delayed, but it's probably for the best as it would probably start to affect my marks :P.

Same here man, I was really looking forward to GTA this year.Now we gotta wait...and I fear it could get pushed back more and more.I heard they where having trouble getting the game on one disc its so big.Anyways...Assain's Creed should be amazing and I'm still waiting for Huxley.Sadly its good bye Gears of War for me, Halo 3 is taking up that space.