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    Re: The Offical Madden 07 Thread

    "ChiTownVike" wrote:
    Since I am the Madden God **cough** Webby **cough**. I thought I would share with you the Passer vision for every team

    Johnson's is pretty big

    It's kinda wierd the McNabb's is the same as Garcia's?
    Wow two things I noticed was that Trent Green's was pretty big and Culpepper's was real small considering the above average seasons hes had(overall :lol: ).

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    Re: The Offical Madden 07 Thread

    "ChiTownVike" wrote:
    "oddmanout22287" wrote:
    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    "ChiTownVike" wrote:
    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    I saw a show on Madden and the guys at EA said they get all the new jersey designs early on in developement.They probably had the new jersey design for a while.
    Hey, Williamson of Troy, How is NCAA?

    My 360 got taken away so I haven't been on but in a while :roll:

    Stupid parents

    I love it man, its a solid game. Its not as deep as previous NCAA's but its the best 360 football game so far. (vs only Madden 06, which blew) The core of the game, gameplay and presentation is awesome.Every game you play against your friend or even the A.I. is always fun.Madden 07 is still gonna own.

    anyone play this on XBL on here? I'll run ya with V-Tech.
    Does the new V-Tech QB do the "Marcus Vick Stomp"? (I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter...)

    Anywho, NCAA 07 is pretty fun. A little dry as far as features go, and it seems the offense is a little overpowered, but the mechanics and gameplay is great. I just hope the framerate is a little better for Madden, because in NCAA it stutters a bit after plays and when it first does the pan of the stadium. Also, I hope the presentation is better, because the pres. in NCAA is pretty much pointless. They don't do any sort of pregame talk at all.
    Once I get back on, which should be soon. I will give ya guys both froend requests and well play alot. You guys should get G.R.A.W. I think it is the best shooter out there.
    I have GRAW but have yet to play online. I only have silver right now, waiting to get gold until I know it won't lag terribly at college.
    PM me if you'd like a sig.

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