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Thread: Offended

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    Re: Offended

    Some sports are more athletic than others.

    Curling for example, why would a grade A athlete want to compete in curling? I am sure they could do it and do it better.

    How about Jerry Rice Dancing with the stars? I am sure there are many athletes that could be great dancers. There are probably a few dancers that could have been great WRs also. Did Jerry want to be a dancer, NO! Did that dancer want to be WR, no!

    An NFL lineman might be a "great athlete" in football, but put him on the baseball field or in a hockey rink and see how he does.

    I do have to agree with Gumble on the Summer vs Winter sports, there are more athletic sporting events in the Summer OL. It is like NASCAR, I wouldn't call those guys "athletic" but more like "skilled" at an event. You start putting Skiis, Skates, Luges, and Bobsleds into it and it takes away some of the athleticism. It does take skill though and it is competition. The Summer OL, with track and field, gymnastics, and other events that don't involve kayaks, and other instruments of locomoting are way more athletic than let's say the sports that add variables to enhance the field.

    It goes back to level of athleticism vs skill sports and sports that keep improving because of technology(skiis for example).

    I hope that people are understanding what I am saying.

    Athteticism is athleticism
    Skill is skill

    and competition is still competition whether it be skill or athleticism.

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    Re: Offended


    i'm a bit personal about the whole 50 states deal... why. i dunno

    there are 50 states..
    as in states with constitutions and that give electoral college points

    but there are also commonwealths territories etc etc (most notable puetro rico and guam).. your professor sounded like a black supremeicist who was only using his class as a pulpit for his liberal RACIST anti-white propoganda..

    only whites can be racist... haha
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Offended

    "bono" wrote:
    I'm not racist, but here I go:
    Basketball = black man's sport
    Baseball = loved predominately by whites
    Hockey = white man's sport
    Golf = rich/white man's sport
    football = equal opportunity, folks!
    Basketball, you're 100% correct

    Baseball, The MLB is almost 80% Hispanic now, maybe in America
    predominately loved by whites, but in many countries around the world, particularly Latin America, it is not a white sport.

    Hockey, about as white as it gets.

    Golf, white, yet out of the best five golfers, theres a Spanish guy, a black guy, and an Indian?

    Football, not so equal at all. I can only think of one Hispanic player, and one Asian player. Jose Cortez and Day Nguyen. Also, 95% of DBs, WRs, and RBs are black. The only positions you really see white guys playing are Kicker, Punter, O-line, D-line, and Linebacker.

    Let's face it black people are better athletes.

    It's not racist if it's a good thing.

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    Re: Offended

    Racism happens by people of every race. I live in Louisiana, I see it every damn day. Saying only people of a certain race can be racist is ludacris. I tend to believe that whoever suggested the supremicist idea may be right...

    The example of the guy accusing whoever was reffing of being racist IS RACIST - jumping to a conclusion about why something happens based on skin color as opposed to other possible reasons (say, walking into somebody's hand) is a form of racism in its own right (in my opinion). Certainly, it's nothing like flagerent racism, but it is its own type.

    Either way, I don't condone it and hope crap like that is reduced and eliminated someday.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: Offended

    I asked how many STATES ARE THERE IN AMERICA?! That's not the same as UNITED STATES. Why do folks think AMERICA only = United States? UNITED STATES is apart of America, but it's not the only America. Like said before, there are over 100 states in AMERICA!!!!
    Oooh, that would be a good question for "who wants to be a millionaire" game show, eh?! : Q) how many states are there in America?
    Options: A) 50; B) 25; C) 90 or D: more than 100?
    Oh, that'll get folks every time!
    BonoSugaRay IS Betamethasone Dunkin

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