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Thread: Off the Subject

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    Re: Off the Subject

    (PERK) did somebody say BUSH ?

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    Re: Off the Subject

    I don't know why anyone would want to come to Canada for politics. Our leaders are even more messed up than yours. I agree that there are too many liberals in Canada which is why we keep voting a corrupt government back into office.

    On the other hand here are some reasons to move to Canada:
    1. Our Beer in better
    2. Our healthcare is free (well not really, our high taxes pay for it)
    3. We are less obese, and better looking
    4. Our drugs are cheaper, and for some types of drugs, better quality (hehe)
    5. Training camp has already started here

    I can think of others, but mostly because the perception altering drugs are better and cheaper.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Off the Subject

    [quote="Del Rio"]Anytime a Conservative person makes the link between Communism and Liberals I wet myself.

    I am happy for you on the wetting yourself thing...

    and by the way Mikey made the "link" by insinuating that you have to "Defect" from the US. I was merely pointing out the stupidity of the phrase, and pointing out that liberals are closer to the ideology that brought about the term "Defect" than this current "Opressive" guy in the White House.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Off the Subject

    Oh see.............

    When you first say- Liberals rolemodels are communists, I just have a hard time connecting that to the toned down version about you pointing out that liberals are closer to the ideology that brought about the term "Defect" then Mr. dub.

    Thanks for pointing out the stupidity of the phrase.

    Of course one definition of defect is to leave a group you are supporting to join the opposition.

    But another very common definition is simply: To disown allegiance to one's country and take up residence in another. I think it works ok considering the situation.

    Of course I doubt Mikey would really give up his red white and blue for a red leaf, it could just be an exageration. Something that has been used since the dawn of time :grin:

    I can only imagine what would have happened if he dropped some satire in there maybe like a little Johnathan Swift "A Modest Proposal." :grin:

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    Re: Off the Subject

    This is why I started a breakfast thread. I loathe politics.
    Politician- one actively :?: engaged in politics; often used in implications of seeking personal or partisan gain, scheming, etc.

    :?: :?: :?: :roll:

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    Re: Off the Subject

    you know i dont know much about american politics im sure compared to you guys, but i think someone had their finger on the problem earlier when they said that the candidates need to be closer to the middle as all this left vs right crap just really annoys the hell out of me. people feel they have to vote for one party because they've always voted that way, there's right wing radio stations, left wing radio stations, nobodys ever gonna persuede eachother about anything or have a sensible debate about the issues because they get tied to the party line.

    it's the same here in england really, although the debate is less left vs right than it is in america, as the left kinda suddenly pitched up and moved itself into the middle in 1997. but it's still party vs party, nobody seems to care about the actual issues. just a crap between the two groups insulting eachother and pointing out whats wrong with the others guys.

    oh and my thought on apathy, really TheAnimal93 i think that the reason global politics tends to pretty much suck at the moment is because not enough people care! when people start paying attention to politics they often realise things need to be changed, the problem is not enough people pay attention, or things would have to be changed. if people actually stood up and made a fuss about what they have a problem with, rather than just saying 'i hate politics'!

    dont hate politics, hate the politicians.

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    Re: Off the Subject

    "oldschoolmikey" wrote:
    My opinion only, but if another Bush gets into the white house, I will defect to Canada.
    Here is a little song for everybody.
    To the Beverly Hillbillies Theme

    Come 'n listen to my story 'bout people named Dems

    Poor Liberals folks barely kept their family fed.

    An' then one day, they was throwin’ back some booze,

    And felt we should pay them for nothin’ to do.

    Lazy folk, system riders.


    Well, the next thing ya know, ole Jeb’s the President.

    Dems folks said, "let’s, move away from here."

    Said up in Canada is the place we'oughta be, so they

    loaded up the government subsidized truck, and they moved to Calgary.

    Canada that is! Free Health care, drugs too!


    Ol' Jeb is in the White House. Lawdy it is sweet,

    Liberals moved to Canada, we barely hear a peep.

    Lotsa folks objected, but the votin’ were all done,

    'and Jeb won the job like Dad and Brother done.

    Conservative, Dynasty, Freedom.


    Well now it's time to say goodbye to Dems and their kin

    An' we would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin' in.

    You're all invited back again to this locality,

    T'have a heapin' helpin' of our Republican-ality.

    Conservative that is!, Rumsfeld , Don’t Take your shoes off!

    Y'all don’t come back, ya here!


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    Re: Off the Subject

    Cheney will take the GOP nomination. The Republicans have a "woody" for him.

    If Hillary wins, just another man in the White House! :lol:

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Off the Subject

    I can honestly say anyone who supports Jeb in the White House is voting strictly by party and throwing all rational thinking out the window. And 6 kings song was spoken like a true conservative got the tone down and everything :grin: jk

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    Re: Off the Subject

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    When you first say- Liberals rolemodels are communists, I just have a hard time connecting that to the toned down version about you pointing out that liberals are closer to the ideology that brought about the term "Defect" then Mr. dub.
    "From each according to their means, to each according to their needs." you cant deny that this communist goal phrase is just slightly closer (slight exaggeration) to the liberal economic theory of lets give everything to everyone provided by government and confiscated from the rich than is the conservative basis (of which Bush certainly isnt very strong by the way) of rugged indivualism and voluntary care for your fellow man.

    You will note that I have never started a politial thread on here. I dont think they have a place, quite fankly. I think this site is a great place to talk about the subject of the Vikings. But when I see things on here that in my opinion are warped and wrong I am moved to respond. Just like you and yours on the other side of the aisle do the same.

    Del there no doubt in my mind that we could share a beer and cheer on the Vikes together, and that is what brought us here to this site I think. But there is also no doubt in my mind that neither of us is ever going to change each others political minds.

    Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the energy to spend debating this, so I need to bring this to an end. I have to get back to work from time to time to make money, so that the ever increasing liberal government can come up with some new way to confiscate it and give it to a deserving (I'm sure) crack mother. That is what frosts my behind more than anything about liberals.

    On the social side I am hands off. If you or anyone wants to marry your cousin Vern, or even a goat, whatever. You want to worship Mother Earth or even a head of lettuce, strange, but OK. Just dont force it down my throat, and say that I have condone a lifestyle that I find deviantm (accept OK, condone, no-way).

    But the liberal economic policies of this country are going to ruin us economically on the world stage, just as it has done (or is still doing) to every everywhere socialism has been tried. Believe me I hate to admit it I was once a little skull full of mush liberal. I bought this touchy feely utopian BS, I thought it sounded cool. I thought the world was a John Lennon song, then I started actually living and found the world and human nature to be much different. I have been to the dark side, and lived to tell about it.

    Thats just my opinion, over and out. There see I have already rambled on too long it is past 4 bells here on the EC and I have to call some customers.

    Have a happy day.

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