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Thread: Oceans 13

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    Oceans 13

    Finally got to see it last night. It sure didn't measure up to the last one. It was confusing at the beginning and hard to follow. Many of the scenes at the end were certainly far-fetched.
    What was your take on the film?
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    Re: Oceans 13

    I hope to see it this weekend.
    I liked the first one and I hated the second one.

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    Re: Oceans 13

    Hey, don't give it away.

    I don't go to movies to often have to wait until the disk comes out at blockbuster.

    Kidding of course.
    This thread made me think of the survivor giveaway issue
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    Re: Oceans 13

    "Marrdro" wrote:

    I don't go to movies to often have to wait until the disk comes out at blockbuster.

    Or you can just go here if you have the free DivX player:

    BAH!! Oceans 13 is currently down for the moment. It'll be back up pretty soon though, judging from the other movies on here.
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    Re: Oceans 13

    I don't know, I actually thought it was BETTER that Ocean's 12...

    It was nice to see everyone in the cast back.
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    Re: Oceans 13

    I never really saw 11 or 12.

    Watched part of 11, but not real close.
    I better get caught up or I will not know what is going on.
    Be like the Star Wars.
    They will be back at Oceans 1, but I wont know if that comes before or after 13

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