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    NYC toddler survives 20-foot fall

    NEW YORK - A toddler who crawled out a third-floor window during his family's Thanksgiving festivities and fell onto a store roof not only survived — he didn't even break a bone.

    Brandon Priebe said his 14-month-old son, Bradley, tumbled from a bedroom window in his aunt's Brooklyn apartment on Thursday. His relatives said they thought the window was closed.

    Bradley fell about 20 feet onto the roof of a music store next door, police said. Priebe told police that his son wasn't seriously injured in the fall. The boy was in stable condition later Thursday at a local hospital, where no update on his condition was available early Friday.

    "It's a miracle," said Anna Priebe, the boy's mother.;_ylt=Aq7hHgHDLFI0ggmJWeDNARcuQE4F

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    Re: NYC toddler survives 20-foot fall

    "Unbreakable" that is amazing! Kid's gonna be tough....get him a contract, NOW!
    "I play for the love of the game; I play because there is no greater feeling than hearing 80,000 fans screaming when you smack somebody!"
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    Re: NYC toddler survives 20-foot fall

    They forgot to mention that one of his parents was the creator of 'Jackass'.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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