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    Nothing to do with the Viks., but, Man am I PROUD!

    Yeah that was really crappy skogs.... don't rain on someone elses parade....

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    Nothing to do with the Viks., but, Man am I PROUD!

    I like crappy. Crappy dink.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Nothing to do with the Viks., but, Man am I PROUD!

    I would just like to say, I used to think the same, that cheerleading wasn't a sport..

    But after getting talked into going to watch some competitions, my thoughts and thinking really changed.

    My niece first started in gymnastics at a very early age. After about 3 years,her interest changed from gymnastics into dance. She's been involved w/dance for some 8 years now.....

    She entered high school this year and wanted to try cheerleading. From what I understand, she fell in love with it right off the bat.....

    Terra, is very petite, only about 80 lbs and 4'10" tall.....The asked her to tryout as a Flyer...

    This is the one who is tossed into the air and does all sorts of acrobatic feats...

    They really toss her high, since she is so tiny, I'de say as high as 20 feet sometimes.....She also is the top of all the pyrimid type formations..

    These girls practice from after school to around 7 at night, and on Sat. and Sun. .....Plus they attend all school games (home and away)...
    Then there are the competions, which are almost every weekend during the winter months here.

    I've seen here take spills and I'm amazed at how tough she and others are...They bounce back up and go right back at it...

    I will not turn this into an argument. but I'll say this, these girls and boys work very hard and spend many a demanding hours to perfect what they love.....

    Sport, yes, I would say so now. That is, now that I've learned whats involved and the dedication put into it...

    SKOL, to all the cheerleaders out there......



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    Re: Nothing to do with the Viks., but, Man am I PROUD!

    "VikingNed" wrote:
    Of my Niece Terra,

    In todays NEW ENGLAND cheerleading comp.......She was one of twelve,high school aged girls, to go to next years NFL Pro Bowl in HAW...........

    And get this, she's only a Freshman........She is a wonderful niece and has worked hard many a hours to earn this honor.....

    I just hope the Vikes have at least 6 pro bowlers on the Sched....

    Just had to share this....

    PS. 12 out of 1500 plus is not to bad.
    Mad props to her, Ned! My goddaughter got to go to the Pro Bowl as a cheerleader a few years ago and she said that it was an awesome experience...tell her to get some autographs and to soak it all in!

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