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    Yeah madden pretty much put all their eggs in one basket and only focused on graphics. The game play is weak and the graphics are the same as Madden 06 for Xbox 360. I still play the game because I love football games, but I'd take maddens graphics with the NFL 2k's gameplay.

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    well i know the graphics dont change that much...i think i was mostly upset with it cuz 360 has different stuff on it that the xbox that draft thing u can actually run the 40 and do reps on the bench...and then i get home with my new 07 game on xbox and figure out that it doesnt have that..was kind of wierd to me

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    I have it for the 360 & I gotta say, its pretty dang good! Alot better than last year. My only gripe with the Vikings though is # 1, even though they have the new Uniforms, the helmets did not get the update. Looks a little weird. Also, when they introduce the players at the beginning of the game, they say "Today's halfback" for C-Taylor & "Today's WR" for Koren. They say BJ's school & name, as well as D-Sharps. But it seems odd that they did not say the other 2. I know, small gripe, but I thought it was cheesy. Overall its a good game with alot of options (Create Superstar) is sweet! I'm a ROLB & after my combine & individual workouts for the Cards, Buc's & Chargers, I was drafted by the Panthers. I'm still in pre-season, but the practices are cool. If you are on the fence, I recommend picking it up!

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