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    Forgot to mention this.....

    So I was sitting in the terrace suite for Sunday's game (my buddy Eric's season tickets are in there), drinking a cold MGD (FREE!) and getting ready to enjoy the game.
    A couple minutes before it started, two dudes come in and sit in the row in front of us, 2 or 3 seats down to my left.

    One of the guys looked really familiar, and I started to rack my brain as to who it was.
    Some TV talking head?
    Local political wannabe?

    And then it hit me - it was Norm Coleman, United States Senator from Minnesota.

    As I sat there, slowly realizing I wasn't nearly drunk enough to start spouting comments like "Wow, the Democrats sure kicked Republican booty on Election Day", I noticed that Norm was drinking a Coke.
    Well - that's probably good - he shouldn't get all sauced up in public.

    The folks next to me chatted with him a little bit, and then, late in the 2nd quarter, Norm disappeared.
    I'm sure to get an audience with Zygi or somesuch.

    Late in the 3rd, Norm re-appeared.
    As he walked back to his seat, I noticed he had a Wild jacket on, but nothing Vikings-related.

    As you may have guessed - I was now drunk enough to talk to him.

    "Hey Norm!
    Where's your purple??"
    Mumbles something about not being able to get to too many games, making due with what he has, etc.

    A couple minutes passes and I guess Norm was stewing over that exchange, because he turned to me and:
    Norm: (Pointing to his Wild jacket) - "Hey - I'm a Minnesota guy."
    (Spreading arms wide) - "I don't see any ice out there, Norm."

    That was about the time I noticed that Norm now had a beer.


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    Re: Norm!

    lmao, did he hire you as his new campaign manager?
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Norm!

    Did you know he took voice classes to sound like JFK?

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