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    Re: Non Football Crud

    thats what makes this the best vikings site on the net. the topics range wildly. theres always something new to discuss and i never get bored. if it were only football i would have quit long ago. you dont like it tough cow pies. webby is not gonna change the whole "personality" of this site for one guy.
    woo out
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    Re: Non Football Crud

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Wow...that's pretty strong bro.

    If you have ever been to another "quality" forum you would see that 90% have areas where you can talk about non-forum related topics.
    A lot of people here are internet friends and enjoy time away from ball.

    Some here do not know much about football and they do not speak a whole lot in the football forums.
    So, they like the chit-chat in the other areas of the site.

    But the best thing about it is (now read carefully here)
    It's that damn simple.

    So, before you just run yourself into a major headache here I would be careful what you call "BS".

    Think of us like a newspaper; we have it all.

    BTW, you have posted in some of those "BS" threads as well.

    I have to somewhat agree with him. He is not IMO, saying the Crud threads are bad. He's stating that when he looks at the latest talk he'd like to see football news there. I agree with him.

    To often the non-football threads bury the football ones in the LT list. Then someone comes along with a topc they think is new, don't see it in the latest talk, don't bother doing a search & goes ahead & posts it.

    I've suggested on countless occassions that there should be two latest talk columns. One for football & one for everything else. Not all the Newbs or Lurkers know how to go to the forums & look for the news there.

    Better still, if there were tabs on the right side of the screen, like there is on the left, one for each forum, that when clicked would "pop-up" the latest 10 toics for that particular forum, it would be the cats-ass!

    I feel his pain as I'm sure a lot of newbs & lurkers do & I know where he's coming from.

    Again, it's not that there is so much non-football threads, it's that the visibility & access to the latest top 10 football threads isn't that easy. Especially when one has to puruse 4 to 5 different forums.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Non Football Crud

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    It's the offseason. What do expect? If you don't want to talk about toothaches then don't click on the thread. It's that simple.

    Free agency starts in two days. I guarantee there will not be any talk like that once the signings start.
    And I guarantee there will!
    There will ALWAYS be a place in PP.O for stories about Tommy Lasorda getting hummers from a hooker while watching girl-girl porn.

    Just to reiterate, I meant that there won't be any in the latest news topics once FA starts.

    And yes, that's part of PP.O. Nothing better than razzing cajun in every new thread that pops us
    :P .

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