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Tonight on the way home from work I witnessed a tragic accident, I stopped and had another driver call 911 while I performed mouth to mouth on the only survivors I could find. It was so sad, none of the ones that survived made it. I snapped a photo to give to the Drivers Ed. teacher to show the students, although it is gut wrenching to see, I felt it needs to be shown.
[img width=450 height=337]http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o84/bellboy639/beerwreck.jpg[/img]

What was their born-on date?

It's probably not dated, most imports don't date their beer.

And at least it was only Grolsch I'm sure there have been greater beer-truck tragedies.
I love Grolsch and I still don't see a need for "born on dating."