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    No extra cooler time for keeping mom in freezer

    Another Packer fan gone bad

    MADISON, Wis. - A man convicted of keeping his dead mother in a freezer for years so he could keep collecting her Social Security checks avoided federal prison during his sentencing Wednesday.

    A judge ordered Philip Schuth, 53, to serve four months simultaneously with the state prison sentence he is already serving and to repay about $35,000 he stole from the federal government.

    Schuth pleaded guilty in April to a federal count of misusing a Social Security number.

    He is serving a seven-year sentence as the result of a standoff with police last year at his home on French Island, just outside La Crosse. It was during the standoff that officers found the frozen body.

    Schuth told investigators she died of natural causes in 2000, but he hid the body because he didn't want to be blamed for her death and wanted to keep collecting her Social Security.

    U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb on Wednesday also ordered Schuth to spend four months in a halfway house after his release from prison.

    Schuth's attorney, Mike Lieberman, said most of the money has been repaid after police found about $10,000 in his client's house and $24,000 in his bank account.

    Man must repay Social Security for checks stolen by keeping body chilling

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    Re: No extra cooler time for keeping mom in freezer

    I live in Madison. What a disrespectful peice of crap.

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    Re: No extra cooler time for keeping mom in freezer

    He could try working, $35K for years of freezing your mom? What a gem. A Packer fan, no doubt.

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