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    No black players in MLB in 10 years?

    Comment from Torii Hunter:

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    Re: No black players in MLB in 10 years?

    I think that it’s a business thing, not a race thing.

    Now his rich ass knows how it feels when a common factory worker is out of a job because the company moves over seas for cheaper labor.

    It's simple supply and demand, color of skin has nothing to do with it. I'm a contractor and I have to bid on work everyday. Sure, I'd like to charge the shit out of a guy that's building a million dollar cabin, but it doesn't work that way, because there's always a guy right behind me that'll do it for a little cheaper.

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    Re: No black players in MLB in 10 years?

    Who cares what color the baseball player.
    You can't force someone to do something that they don't want to do.
    I waiting to for the first woman to play MLB and hit a homer of some big name pitcher.

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    Re: No black players in MLB in 10 years?

    On one hand, an excellent baseball player from Latin America should maybe price themselves a little higher, but on the other hand, what makes a poverty-stricken person "from Compton," as Hunter says, demand such a high entitlement? If the skills are about the same, wouldn't you go for the guy who's more appreciative of the opportunity for a much better life? It's economics, not race, and supply and demand, as well as attitudes play the dominant role here.

    I mean, I know what Torii is saying, but he could've slapped a little nuance into his statement.
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