Living somewhat close to Purdue University I decided I would attend the Gopher/Purdue football game on September 23rd at Purdue.
I wrote to the Gopher ticket office and requested a pair of tickets for the game from the University's allotment for the game. (I didn't want to sit in the Purdue cheering section.)
I was alerted by the Gopher ticket office that I COULD NOT buy tickets for the game unless:
1. I was a Minnesota resident
2. I was a Gopher Alumni
3. I was a member of the "Goldie Club."
Now that seems very strange to me. After all a fan is a fan and almost always the team never uses up their allotment of tickets and ends up sending hundreds back to the hosting college.
Why in the world would they set confines like that? Seems pretty unreasonable to me.
I can see their reasoning if someone from the Purdue area wanted to buy a "block" of tickets and put Purdue fans in the Minnesota cheering section. But I hardly think anyone requesting two tickets would feel comfortable sitting there if they were not a Gopher fan.