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Thread: Nightmares?

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    I had a restless night and I think these might have had something to do with it........either that or the Chipolte Burrito I had just before I went to bed.

    [img width=450 height=409][/img]

    Well, if you were wondering what sorts of objects inhabit my nightmares, just take a peek at the above image. This four-clawed robot is pretty darned close to just what I fear most: some soulless, futuristic entity hell-bent on picking me apart limb by limb. Luckily, this particular object of terror has much more benign intentions.

    The robot is designed to do some work autonomously underwater. It's loaded up with touch sensors that allow it to keep itself stable in strong currents and also delicately grip objects in its claws without breaking anything. At least that's what they claim. For all I know it's actually a flying torture machine, but I guess I just have to take them at their word.

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    Re: Nightmares?

    I keep having these horrible night terrors lately. I wake up in a cold sweat hyperventilating. I keep having these dreams that Favre might be a Viking this year I have never dreamed something so terrifying before.

    No matter how bad my life gets at least I m not a Packer fan.

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    Re: Nightmares?

    There is a small truth in every dream
    We're bringing purple back.

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