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    Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    didnt see this posted..its from a Lituanian Slam Dunk Contest
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    Re: Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    well at least that was orginal

    and the dancer took a heck of a charge

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    Re: Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    The dude was not even close to clearing her.

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    Re: Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    he was close..

    wonder how much of a mouthful the dancer got in that charge..


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    Re: Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    It's tough to believe that he even thought he could clear her, not even close.
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    Re: Nice Dunk!! (funny)

    Wow, that was hilarious!! She almost got a mouth full of.......nevermind! lol

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