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    NHL Signs Broadcast Deal With Food Network

    [size=12pt]NHL Signs Broadcast Deal With Food Network[/size]
    March 8, 2007 | Onion Sports

    NEW YORK—Flanked by Food Network president Brooke Johnson and cooking-show host Rachael Ray, Commissioner Gary Bettman announced yesterday that the NHL has opted out of its contract with the Versus cable channel (formerly the Outdoor Life Network) and has reached a long-term broadcasting deal with the Food Network starting in the 2007-08 season.

    "In all my years as commissioner, I have learned that our diverse group of fans and players all enjoy food of some sort. Italian, French, barbecue, quick-and-easy 30-minute meals—you name it, one or more of them eat it," said Bettman, adding that Iron Chef French host Hiroyuki Sakai will join play-by-play announcer Mike "Doc" Emrick and analyst Brian Engblom to form a new lead announcing team for all Food Network games. "This partnership has been a long time coming. If the Food Network would have been around in 1991, we would have left ESPN in a heartbeat."

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    Re: NHL Signs Broadcast Deal With Food Network

    gary bettman is driving that league into the ground...he did things with basketball, that doesn't qualify him to run the NHL.

    they are expanding into the markets they shouldn't and ignoring the markets they should ie. Winnipeg (folded in the old pre-cap days), Halifax (Maritimers are rabid hockey fans), Ohio needs more representation.
    I mean com'n, Pheonix? Nashville?
    then the talk of moving Pittsburg to Kansas City?

    i am
    amoung i'm sure at least 90% of hockey fans when i call for bettmans head
    ~~I'm but one Vikings fan in a sea of Frudge Packers!!!~~

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    Re: NHL Signs Broadcast Deal With Food Network

    Yeah, he is. I would have said it before but when onion sports reported it I just let it be.
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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