"Benet" wrote:
I finally got into the game today when I gave it a run of a couple of hours..

I traded Daunte Culpepper.. "For who?", you ask..

Carson Palmer.

Oh yeah, trade of the century baby!

I also managed to draft Chad Greenway (the best linebacker on the board, he was rated equal with AJ Hawk, who went first overall on my 2006 draft), Donte Whitner and Brian Calhoun with my first 3 picks. Oh, and did I tell you about my O-Line?

McKinnie - LeCharles Bentley (oh yeah!) - Birk - Dan O'Neil (former Patriot, rated 83 overall) - Johnson

All I'm missing is a stud wide receiver and a stud halfback. Oh well, that'll be fixed next year! I have to admit, once I got over my initial concerns about the menu system (not very easy to navigate, frustrating at times) I really enjoyed it. Anyway, a couple of hours work then back to taking the Vikings into Training Camp!
nice i traded Daunte for the 5th pick in the draft and got Vernon Davis!!! I got Maurice Drew in the 5th round and i got a stud FB in the 7th round who is 99 overall for me right now, his name is BJ Dean!!! he is freakin sweet!!! the game is still fun, but i have been to busy to even play it!!