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"PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
The text needs some work and it needs a border but you're still working on learning so i'll let you off this time with the critiquing. :wink: good job.
Yeah, I couldn't really find a good font and the text is just kinda tacked on.
As for border... well, the only way I really know how to make a border is to just make a rectangle and add stroke, so it looks a lil' tacky.

Any tips on either?
go to www.dafont.com they have some great ones there.

As for the border add a 3 or 4 pxl white stroke and lower the opacity down to like 50 or so and then make a new layer and add a 1 pxl black stroke with regular settings. That's what's on all of mine. I'm pretty much the only person who uses that border though. It's part of my personal style.
Cool man, thanks for the site and tips :thumbright:
What do you do for text as far as color goes, just fiddle with the blending modes until they blend with the background?