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isn't the point of a national part to preserve the environment?
therefore, meaning no hunting?
Other than hunting, I can't see a reason to bring a gun with you to a national park, unless of course your plax and wear 100K in diamonds, then by all means take an unregistered gun, but thats besides the point.

don't get me wrong, i don't have a problem with hunting, but there are other places other than national parks to do it.
The only people that should have guns there are park rangers.
(for if there's a bear attack or something)
Do you think bears only attack park rangers?
no, i was getting at they would have them to respond to problems.

generally, a bear will leave you alone, as long as you don't piss it off.
the reason bears attack (usually) is because people are dumb and provoke it.
those same dumb people have no business carrying a gun.
Generally, a bear, like any animal, is very curious and will snoop about and stick its sniffer in just about anything (including a tent) as long as it isn't scared, startled or alerted.

Additionally, a bear, also hunts/eats/roams about at night when the campers are sleeping and the park rangers are holed up in their little ranger shacks (if any of them are even working at all).
I know what a bear is like.
I can walk out my backdoor and there's a big forest full of them.
I know i've been sleeping, and there's been bears in my campsite and never bothered me, because i keep quiet.
I've been awake and there's beena bear in my campsite, and it still hasn't bothered me.
Generally when bears are about, they are looking for food.
They'll poke around the firepit usually, since that usually smells like food.
and they'll poke around by wherever you eat (which is why you should never eat in your tent).
As long as you keep your food in your car or trailor(if you have one)
they'll generally just go away.
I know, I live in a rural part of a city in Northwestern Ontario, which is bear central.
I can come thin them out a bit if you want.......(JK my friend). For some reason I forgot you lived up there in Gods country.

lol, by all means, city limits about an arms reach away, hunt as you please.
(while your at it, take care of the deer too, i was hoping the bears would get on that soon)