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Thread: The New Pope

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    The New Pope

    OK, I thought I'd be the first one to bring up the subject here. We have a new Pope, Benedict the XVI. He's from Germany (first Pope from Germany since the 11th century), His name is Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He seems like a pretty conservative guy, like John Paul II. He's 78, pretty old, not sure if I like some of his doctrines, attitudes, etc., toward the "new" Catholic Church, but I'm willing to give the guy a chance.
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    Re: The New Pope

    So will we call him Benedict, Cardinal or the Pope? 78, man he won't last long (not to be mean). How's the job search yourself shock?

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    Re: The New Pope

    There is some debate on another board I partake in that he was once a Nazi. That doesn't mean much now though people change and his situation at the time could have joined out of fear for his own life.

    But what I have got to ask and I mean to keep this civil as I am not passing judgement and do not want to get into a debate over religion obviously I'm not catholic, but it seems odd people wanted a pope that would bring the church up to date.

    Doesn't God make the rules for the Catholic church?

    I mean it sounds like some Catholics were hoping for the "hip" teenage babysitter that lets you watch scary movies and stay up till 10:00 instead of the one that enforces the rules your parents set. I'm just curious because I am not familar with the way things work regarding the Pope and his role in the Church in association with God.

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    Re: The New Pope

    Dominus Iesus

    that was an important document he wrote. he is a great choice, very strong in doctrine teaching and ecumenism. The nazi thing is a joke. Send me a pm if you have any questions i go to school for this stuff

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    Re: The New Pope

    That's ok I'm not too worried about it he doesn't head up my church, and if the people that follow him are happy that is all that matters.

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    Re: The New Pope

    Catholics everywhere are blessed he was elected.
    Including me.

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    Re: The New Pope

    no offense but isn't he pretty old? He'll be 83 in five years. Wasn't the last pope 83 or 84 when he passed?

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    Re: The New Pope

    He's not a party animal like the last one. He is very conservative.

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    Re: The New Pope

    He was picked to be an interim Pope.
    Serve for about 4-7 years.
    This allows for current issues to be addressed easier.
    Not that any big changes are coming.
    But so one Bishop(the Bishop of Rome ie the Pope) can't have a tight grip for long periods of time.
    Because just as a Pope could bring about great change for the common good of The Church, one could do just the opposite.
    So keep it short and structured. Not so many waves.

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    Re: The New Pope

    Isn't the next pope (the one after Benedict XVI) supposed to be the LAST one before the end of the world???

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