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    New Jersey Smells Like.....Syrup

    NYC's mysterious syrup smell tracked to New Jersey

    NEW YORK – City investigators have tracked down the source of a maple syrup smell that has puzzled New Yorkers several times in recent years. No offense, New Jersey, but it was you.

    The harmless but long-confounding smell, which has drifted through swaths of the city at least nine times since 2005, was traced to a facility across the Hudson River that processes seeds for use as artificial flavorings.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that a team of odor investigators — environmental protection, health department and emergency management workers — "put our noses to the ground" to identify the culprit after another whiff in early January..........;_ylt=AnV3xBhQSNfWv8QegnpwEuAsQE4F

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    Re: New Jersey Smells Like.....Syrup


    New York smells like syrup. A factory in New Jersey was producing the smell.

    And I like how this Sara Kugler character tries to make the whole state look bad because of one GOOD smell, from a single factory. lmao

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    Re: New Jersey Smells Like.....Syrup

    go new jersey i guess....

    maybe thats why farve went there also

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