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Thread: New Chat/Yell

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    New Chat/Yell

    I am trying out something new for chat for game times, and for general Yell use.

    The yell in the old fashion is broken and the company that runs it seems not to care. Whatever.

    Will see what you all think of the Facebook-like bar approach...look at the bottom of your screen. There it is! Left side is chat rooms. Gameday Chat etc is that.

    At right is Who's Online, and that is based upon your friends you have connected with on the board. You can do that by clicking a user's name on the board and Add to Friends....or you can do some of this from your Forum Profiles.

    Try it out, give it a bit of time to see if its helpful as a new way to handle it.

    I may bring back the original yell, but leave the Gameday chat running via the bar at bottom, because I can navigate around this site and still stay connected to the chat!!

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    We will all have to play around with it a bit before letting you know whats good and whats bad. Simple is sometimes the best. As long as the yell works, im a happy camper.
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