vikingTurf...this is the website for the restaurant I was telling you about in the Yell block:

The dumpling appetizers (Everest Momo and Sangrila Kothey) are awesome...and the soup (Than-Thuk) is very tasty as well.

Alot of the menu is Indian (because most diners have NO imagination or sense of adventure), but I like their food alot.

That is the one thing that I love the most about working in and living near Washington DC...the variety of cultural restaurants is almost limitless...and I am always game to try different foods (I am originally from Louisiana, so good food is a big thing to me).

One of my best friends from law school who lives here now has Chinese and Indonesian roots and we are always going out to different restaurants to see which ones are the best and the most authentic...I would be interested to see how authentic you thought the Mt. Everest restaurant's menu items were...and if they tasted like they are supposed to taste.

Good luck with your roomie's friends tonight! :wink: