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    Re: Need a little help here ...

    "Schleppy" wrote:
    Do you have any kids? If not, volunteer for an organized youth program. Big Brother/Sister, t-ball, soccer,etc. I coach my kids minor league baseball team, and even though i'm no Sparky Anderson, my kids and i have fun. Parents commented to wife yesterday how good I was with the kids, Made my whole evening!! Just an idea. Good Luck!
    Yes, great ideas there! Anything you can do to work with kids is well worth it and very rewarding. Coaching youth sports has been so good to me. When you see a child actually learn and put it to use, and have fun; excellent.

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    Re: Need a little help here ...

    "GreenBaySlackers" wrote:
    if you have some money to spend, check out paintball.
    I agree. Paintball is great if you can get a few friends together. Try renting the first few tmes and if you get into it then buy.

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    Re: Need a little help here ...

    No kids, limited funds (the whole saving house thing) ... but do enjoy kids a lot. I guess need something fullfilling and kids are great for that. Thanks for all the suggestions. :hello1:

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