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    Del Rio Guest

    Need help with a question

    Help me with this discussion I am having with my co-worker.

    Here is the situation:

    He pays 15$ per month for a service. His service went down for one day so as a result the company sent him a letter informing him he would get a day of free service.

    So when he shows me it I notice that the way they gave him a free day was by charging his credit card a day later then they were supposed to. So my question is, is he really saving any money.

    He argues he is getting a day me however it seems he is not. I mean I understand he is not being charged for the day, but he is still paying 15$ for the month. So how is he saving money? If you add up every month for the year he is still paying 15$ per month and the company is still making 15$ per month. Where is the savings?

    What am I missing?

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    Re: Need help with a question

    It is not a free day. If it was a free day his payment would have been $14.53. They just deferred his payment cycle for a day.

    Ask him this question. If it is buy 1 beer get one free and normally they are $3.00 but on this day they are $6.00 did you really get a free beer??

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    Re: Need help with a question

    Sounds like he got screwed to me, if he was really going to save a day of payment it would be prorated.

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Need help with a question

    His first month of service may be pro-rated, so he will get a free day of service and get his fucking Kennedy. If it's a service already underway it's a facade.

    Just give him a $0.50 piece and tell him now he has a day of free service.

    After he admits defeat, send him a bill for the time he spent discussing this equivalent to your two salaries during that time period.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Need help with a question

    I must be handicapped because I now have 3 people telling me I am wrong here at work.

    They are not prorating anything, they merely are waiting an extra day to charge him. I guess it is a free day, but he would need a months worth of free days to save any actual money......

    I'm confused.

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Need help with a question

    It may be in the definition of a month. The contract may use 30 days as a month and not have it fluctuate based on the 30, 31, 29, and 28 day actual months. If the billing cycle is always 30 days, this one would be you save a day. Just a wild guess.

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    Re: Need help with a question

    If they billed him a day late this month, they will probably go back to the normal billing cycle next month. Hence the free day.

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    Re: Need help with a question


    It can been viewed either way.

    Really, they took that guy and bent him over his desk!

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Need help with a question

    Del, what is their rationale? We attack..I mean discuss issues with people for throwing ideas on the board all the time that aren't backed up in some way. Is their reasoning just because that's the way it is? Are they using Fan logic?

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Need help with a question

    They are frustrated with me is all.

    All the company is doing is pushing his bill date back one day. Yes giving him a free day......however all I told him is he is not saving any money at all.............and it is costing the company nothing.

    I figured it out and in order for him to see any monetary compensation he will need to acquire 26 days of credit, in other words over the course of a year have his account credited one free day 26 times.

    They seemed so passionate about it I figured I'd ask here. It is not uncommon for me to space something obvious or have a hard time grasping something like that.

    Hell I get mad if my wife buys a 15$ block of cheese that is 8 times bigger then the 5$ block. I see it as 15$ she see's it as 12.2cents per pound or some shit.........

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