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I hate UNC so much. It is impossible for me to like them so this may be a little biased. I live in NC and every single UNC fan has been giving me crap since they won.

Now-- back to the subject. I do believe that May did charge a lot but it could have gone either way like a blocking foul etc. THe problem that i had with the reffing was that so many and 1's were called with people guarding May. May may (excuse the pun) be good, but he isn't good enought to draw an and 1 every time he charges his fat butt down the court.

I have a lot of respect for Felton but would spit on Rashad McCANTS and Sean fatass's shoes if I saw them.

I just can't wait to see the entire team going pro.

UNC 2006 starting lineup--

PG- Quentin Thomas
SG- Bobby Frasor
SF- Danny Green
PF- Damion Grant
C- Tyler Hansbrough

Recognize any of these names?

3 of them will be freshman next year UNLESS THEY GO PRO. boy will next year be fun.

Sucks for you then. Sean may, felton, and marvin williams are all coming back next year. :grin: Add to them, 4 good freshman(2 of them really good), and they are definitely the favorites next season. May and felton are the keys to their team and they will be back.
tell me truthfully-- do Sean May, Marvin Williams and Raymond Felton NEED another year????

Marvin williams yes definitely. Felton I would say does too, so he can work more at becoming a better scorer. With mccants gone, he will be able to become more of a scorer and thus improve his draft stocka ton. May does not need another year at all, but he wants to stay, because he likes playing for roy.

Regardless of wether they need another year or not, according to Roy williams himself, he said he thinks marvin and felton are gonna come back with may next year, making them the favorites no doubt, with their recruiting class.