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    NBA: Hardaway...Homosexuals...

    First off, hello everyone. I hope all is good in your hoods!
    Secondly, did any of you hear what ex-NBA star Tim Hardaway said about homosexuals? What are your thougths on what he said/the reaction from David Stern on behalf of the NBA (banishing Hardaway from all NBA all-star weekend events)?
    My thoughts: Although I disagree w/ the hom/bisexual lifestyle, I HATE no one! That's totally wrong to HATE someone. If you're Christian, you definately know better than to HATE anyone...God wants us all to LOVE one another. God LOVES us all...HE HATES sin, but does not HATE us! So, when I totally didn't like the way Hardaway exclaimed what he said. That sounded so not like the guy I thought he was (childish, to be honest). That was stupid of him. That makes those of us who disagree w/ the lifestyle, look evil, when most of us who believe in only heterosexual relations, don't HATE those who prefer the same sex. Because we actually love all ppl, regardless.
    Sorry if a thread regarding this matter has already been posted...omit it if it has.
    God Bless!
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    Re: NBA: Hardaway...Homosexuals...

    Had this posted yesterday.
    We really do not want to see where this goes.
    Nothing against you bono, but we are not going to see what people bring to the table on this one.

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