"PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
I am happy and mad at the same time about the draft.

First of all, the Jewels of Harlem on his way to stardom got picked #20 and that made me really happy. I think (let the flaming begin) that I will buy his jersey despite being a t-wolves fan.

Now on the other hand I am really mad about the mcCANTs pick by the t-wolves. I just don't understand why you would pick some showboating selfish player that early.We can always hope that in the first practice KG shows him that this is the NBA, not college and he is not as good as he thinks he is.

The mccants pick was questionable to me also. There was another really good SF available for them, in granger, who did not have the attitude question marks. I really am shocked minnesota would take a chance with mccants, after what spreewell did last year and how that killed the team. Granger would have been an awesome pick by the wolves and a steal that late too. He(going 17th to indy) was one of the 2 huge steals in the draft, along with boston getting gerald green at 18. Those 2 falling that far absolutely shocked the he!! out of me. They were both worthy of a top 10 pick and green even a top 5 for a team that is rebuilding.