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    NBA All-Stars: East reserves...

    ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME, MAN? Wizards' Butler, Nets' Kidd, Pistons' Billups and freakin Michael Redd? This is like death in Venice.
    So what if his team (Bucks) playing bad right's not his fault (he's been injured for a minute now). Moreover, since when did a guy have to play for a good team, in order to make the all-star team? ...So, maybe he wasn't picked BECAUSE he's injured?...NOPE (I hope not), because Shaq and Yao (to name a few) have been missing from play for, heck, most of the freakin' season (but they got voted in by the not-so-bright fans).

    And this just in: Ray Allen didn't freakin' make it for the West. Are you freakin' kidding me? All is definately quiet on the Western Front, if you know what I mean.
    Anyone else feels like certain players got screwed out of playing in this season's all-star game? If so, drop your list below.
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    Re: NBA All-Stars: East reserves...

    Redd sucks A-S-S!!!
    And Ray Allen just got squeezed out...must be the fact that he used to play in Cheesedickland!!!

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    Re: NBA All-Stars: East reserves...

    two uconn players and possbily a third in allen.....niiiiiiiice

    How do ya like them apples?!

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    Re: NBA All-Stars: East reserves...

    I think that Butler(UCONN connection) should be on the East All-Star team.The guy is having a great year. Rip (UCONN), the dude is good and should be in the All-Star game. The O'Neal twins....they should sit this one out and let someone else join. I would have picked Ben Wallace, and the other Piston..Prince. And if Ray Allen does get in, sweet, but I am not holding my breathe on that.

    Redd?? What about Melo? The league leader in scoring not in the All-Star game...please.

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    Re: NBA All-Stars: East reserves...

    Commish gets the last chance to put Mello in as a reserve.

    This year was odd!!

    Ray Ray plays on a team that hasn't had much publicity this year.
    He isn't even near the edge of the spotlight.
    Good player, but visibility is part of it.
    Plus, the west is littered with previous all stars.
    It is so difficult to get in that mix.
    The East has a lot of great players right now that are making names for themselves and should be forces for the future similar to the West.

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