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    Natural Selection at its finest

    So...Anyone else surprised when they found out alcohol was involved?

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    Re: Natural Selection at its finest

    WOW, what a way to go.

    I can think of better ways than to do it, drunk, in public and making a fool of yourself.
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    Re: Natural Selection at its finest

    Yet some dumb fool who has read this will go to a game, get drunk, and try the same thing.
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    Re: Natural Selection at its finest

    I guess cutting people off sooner than the 7th inning is out of the question

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    Re: Natural Selection at its finest

    don't blame the alcohol, blame the dumb kid for trying to slide down a 60 foot rail
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    Re: Natural Selection at its finest

    who cares whether or not he was drink at your own risk, which is why we have the phrase "drink responsibly" posted just about everywhere imaginable these days..dudes an idiot, plain and simple..whether im drunk or not, im never going to try and slide down a rail where theres a 150 foot dropoff on the other side

    also, what does the whole "christian" thing have to do with anything? im rather offended that this kids family implies that all christians, and only christians have morals

    its a terrible and tragic accident, but really, to forget about the stupidity of this guy to start with would be a big mistake

    since this kid was a christian, i think the thread should be changed to "intelligent design at its finest"
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