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    Naked sushi coming to Minneapolis
    t was only a matter of time. Naked sushi is hitting the Twin Cities. Nyotaimori / Nantaimori - eating sushi off a naked (or nearly) naked woman or man started in Japan and made its way to Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Chicago and L.A. - a fad that was even highlighted in an episode of "CSI: New York."

    Now Tom Pham has scheduled a naked sushi night at his downtown Minneapolis restaurant, Temple, on March 8 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.
    Something else to do while waiting for the Vikings Game...
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    Re: Naked sushi coming to Minneapolis

    I don't want to eat raw fish, but I'll watch

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    Re: Naked sushi coming to Minneapolis

    Do you think they will have a Naked Sushi in Tenn, Cojo?

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